Benefits of Solar Powered Lights

Using natural lighting in a home makes it look roomier, and more comfortable among other benefits. Conventionally, natural lighting is only possible by having large transparent surfaces for example floor to ceiling windows, or skylights in the roof. While this works with different results, the inconvenience in these methods include structural concerns and security risks. Solar L.E.D. skylight alternatives are a vast improvement allowing maximum natural lighting without the inconveniences involved in the other methods.

How they work

Solar powered skylight alternatives are simply designed. A solar panel is placed to harness solar energy and deliver this to a light in the house via a conductor wire. The lamp in the house reflects the light patterns on the outside. The lamp will power up gradually in the morning and achieve maximum brightness when the solar panel is maximally exposed. The lamp will cool down at dusk as the sun dims.
Some designs are made such that they are able to harness a good amount of solar energy even when the sky is overcast, giving off ambient lighting just like one would see outside. Some designs will plug into the conventional 240v power system and keep lighting up when the sun sets.

Solar L.E.D. skylight alternatives have several advantages over the conventional tubelight and skylight designs:


There is little work involved in installing a skylight alternative. Some designs can be installed in a DIY fashion. There are no holes to cut in the roof. There is no extensive wiring to install either. In fact, an experienced installer does the installation in less than 2 hours.
It involves securing the solar panel on the roof or wherever it is well exposed to sunlight, and connecting the conductor wire to wherever the lamp is to be installed.


Solar L.E.D. skylight alternatives have a big advantage in that they can be placed at any place around the house, even the basement. They are suitable for use in multi-level dwellings as the lamp will go to the lower floors.
The solar panel can be secured anywhere on the roof including satellite dish, chimney, AC unit, solar water heater and any other place where it will be exposed to sunlight. The number of lamps can be increased by installing a higher rated solar panel.


The one challenge that comes with direct exposure to sunlight is heat. There is also the risk of UV exposure. The solar lights allow for natural lighting without these inconveniences. The house remains brightly lit looking warm, comfortable and very habitable.

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