Can’t install standard glass skylights?

Have you ever wanted to install a skylight to brighten a room with natural light?

People sometimes think that complex roofing structures limit the possibility of a skylight. Do you have a large number of solar panels over the ideal area for where you would like your skylight? Or are you trying to install a skylight in a downstairs area of a two storey home?

No problem! The RediLight Skylight alternative solution. RediLights can be installed almost anywhere and compliment modern lighting perfectly. The solar powered LEDs can also have multiple LED fittings powered by solar panels making them a very economical energy free lighting system.

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About Skylight Specialists Brisbane

Ron Tibbs has been a skylight installer for over 20 years. Ron has supplied and installed a range of skylight products including the popular Redilight and Solatube Skylights. Please feel free to contact him directly for all your skylight installation queries, no job is too big or too small. 
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