Roof Ventilation for Comfortable Living

Keeping the house cool in hot weather is a big concern for many if not all homeowners. Most homeowners use the traditional power air condition units while others use whirlybirds for home ventilation. These two AC methods have obvious disadvantages. The solar roof ventilation unit is more efficient and smarter compared to these other devices for the simple fact that it utilises natural energy to keep the home cool.

Solar Roof Ventilation VS. Whirlybirds

Whirlybirds work by extracting hot air from the house. Warm air rises towards the roof and escapes through the vents in the whirlybird dome. The whirlybird rotates to allow for faster escape of hot air. The whirlybird has several disadvantages. It only extracts warm air without bringing back in the cool air. In a poorly ventilated house, this can cause problems of shortage of fresh air. The rotation of the whirlybird also relies on the wind. When the day is hot and calm, the warm air might not have enough pressure to rotate the whirlybird making it impractical and ineffective.

The solar powered roof ventilation combines the working of the whirlybird with self-powering fins. Solar energy is used to turn fins on the roof which extract the hot air. The solar energy also powers air intake fans to let in cool air into the house. This maintains a flow of cool air and a good supply of fresh air.

Some AC experts have stated that the solar powered roof ventilation units are able to extract warm air 15 times faster than whirlybird ventilators.

Solar ventilation VS. Conventional AC units

Conventional AC units plug into the 240V line to power up. This means that when they work hard, it reflects on a higher energy bill. This can be a disadvantage in an area where there are constant hot temperatures.
Solar powered roof ventilation, on the other hand, works on natural energy. This means there is a massive reduction in electricity rates. The solar powered unit will also work depending on the temperature. The hotter it gets, the harder it works. From this, the solar powered roof ventilation proves to be self-efficient, unlike the conventional AC which relies on manually-controlled settings.

Conventional AC units are also plagued by the problems of moisture buildup. This poses a health risk as mould spores in the air vents eventually find their way into the respiratory systems of home residents. This can lead to health complications like asthmatic attacks and pneumonia among other ailments.

A solar powered roof ventilation unit offers more comfort for a home by maintaining a cool natural air flow and doing the work affordably.

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