Solar L.E.D. Skylight Alternatives VS. Traditional Skylights

In previous years, lighting up a home with natural light required the installation of a skylight on the roof. Installing the traditional skylight came with several inconveniences as some structural adjustments to the roof had to be conducted. The solar powered skylight alternative is a modern improved version of the skylight that allows for lighting up the house without the disadvantages of the traditional skylight.

Modern Setting

The traditional skylight worked very well for the one level dwelling unit. However, the modern living setting has necessitated multi-level dwellings. This is accompanied by many people adapting to smart energy in their homes. This need for natural lighting in different living settings is very well served by the solar L.E.D. skylight alternative. While the traditional skylight is restricted by building structures, the skylight alternative will work in a range of different settings.


Installing a traditional skylight involved cutting a hole in the roof and making other changes to fit the size and angle of the skylight. This tampering with the roof can damage the structural integrity of the roof leading to leakages and air drafts.
A solar LE.D. skylight alternative, on the other hand, is simply installed by securing the solar panel anywhere it is exposed to sunlight. This could be the chimney or even a satellite dish. A wire then runs to the solar lamp in the house. This makes it overly easy to place. Depending on your preferences, the skylight alternative can be placed anywhere around the house; including bathrooms, closets, or even basements.


The traditional skylight will not be of much help when it gets dark. This will require switching to conventional power to light up the home. Solar L.E.D. skylight alternatives are designed to conserve solar energy which allows the lamp to supply ambient lighting even when it gets dark. They have the added advantage of being able to plug into the 240V power system when the solar energy is gone.

Light and heat settings

Traditional skylights can be uncomfortable when letting in too much light. If installed over a bedroom, for example, the sun’s glare can be uncomfortable for the sleeper. However, solar powered skylight alternatives have the advantage of smart controls. The light can be controlled to reduce the glare when watching TV. There is also the fact that there is no heat coming in when using the solar LE.D. lights. One can enjoy natural lighting comfortably even when the sun is at its hottest.

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