Introducing the Spectra Range Powered by the Sun

Skylight Specialists recognise the importance of energy-efficient lighting in our daily lives and aspire to improve homes and businesses with uncompromising performance.

Redilight is a highly energy efficient Smart LED Lighting system that is a world first. Imagine having the ability to light up your home or office during the day and night, at no cost.

The Redilight Spectra system can be installed in almost any location unlike traditional skylights where building structure and difficult roof lines can often dictate placement.

Advantages of Redilight Over Traditional Skylights

  • No more large unsightly holes cut into the roof which can compromise its integrity.
  • Reduced risk of water and hail damage to property when severe storms arrive.
  • Reduced security risk of intruders entering via the skylight shaft.
  • Installation costs are reduced.
  • For multiple lights it’s as simple as installing a larger Solar panel.
  • Increases the efficiency of the home with no heat gain in summer or heat losses in winter.
  • Positioning of light fitting on the ceiling is not restricted due to framing structures, pipes etc.
  • No need to have a skylight and an electric light in the same room, a single 24watt Redilight solar L.E.D. can do the job of both when used in conjunction with the optional Day/Night kit.
  • Redilight has a range of round and square light fittings in both 24watt and 6watt sizes.
  • Redilight also has two colour light output options, 3000k Warm White and 5000k Day Light.
  • Redlight is the only product of its kind to attain an IC-4 Safety Rating.
  • Redilght is an approved N.D.I.S provider, using their “Day safe“ system.

Safety Confirmed with IC-4 Rating

Redlight has recently announced that it is now the only solar L.E.D. skylight alternative in Australia that holds an IC-4 Rating. Redilight’s range of light fittings has reached a new standard of safe lighting options for your home and business environments.

“We have invested in this technology to ensure our products meet the highest safety standards,”  Joel Mulvenney, Redilight Director.

Redilight’s DaySafe NDIS Approved Lighting Solutions

Redilight’s DaySafe lighting solution has officially become NDIS approved.

This solution provides modern design and peace of mind for persons with disability or mobility issues. Redilight provides consistent, high-quality lighting to dark spaces in home and business areas. With a well-lit environment, the Redilight DaySafe reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls for persons with reduced mobility and impaired vision. 

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