Roof Ventilators

Roof Ventilators

Quality Australian Made Roof Ventilators

Roof ventilation is crucial in summer or winter. We install locally made wind-powered vents or Solar Star solar powered roof vents.

Sunlight isn’t the only way to save on your lighting. Solatube’s Solar Star Solar Powered Roof Ventilation System is one of the best ventilation products on the market, equalling the power of 15 traditional whirlybird wind vents and reducing heat build-up, moisture, mould and many other problems associated with poor roof ventilation. Our vented skylights can further reduce your utility bills and impact on the environment.

  • Ball bearing construction
  • Powder coated to suit your roof colour.
  • 10-year warranty
  • 2 sizes available
  • Equal to 10 or 15 wind-powered vents

Solar-Powered Roof Vents

Keep your roof cavity cooler during summer and remove moist air during winter using the power of the sun. One solar roof vent outperforms 10 wind-powered.


As well as being of substance during the hot months of summer, including drawing hot, humid air out and making the house fresh and serene, Roof Space Heat does wonders in winter. When the weather outside is freezing with chilly temperatures, installing roof vents ensures that there’s no moisture build-up inside the house. It only manages to function efficiently when everything was done correctly.

Read more about solar-powered roof vents here.

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